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Who We Are


Trainers Who Care

Together Jenny and Peter have over 27 years experience in the field of health, fitness & exercise. Jenny and Peter have worked with various medical specialists & are in regular contact with physiotherapists, dietitians and other related health professionals. Their portfolio of work includes a wide variety of individual clients & corporate groups ranging from adults to children, various athletes, the elderly & disabled populations. Jenny and Peter Barwick are the Head Coaches & Founders of the A BODY 2 FIT Triathlon Club incorporated.

“The look of self-satisfaction on the face of a client is one of great pride to any trainer!” Jenny Barwick – A BODY2FIT.

Knowledgeable Training Expertise

Triathlon, Running, Fit Mums, Dads & Kids, Event, Career, Life Challenge & Corporate Training!

Throughout the year several clients and their children choose to take part in a variety of activities from Fun Runs, Walking, Cycling and other sports,  including individual and team Triathlon.  Some clients even tackle the more uncommon events such as the Marathon, the Kokoda Trail or even a take on a career change requiring a higher fitness level such as the Police Force, Fire Brigade, Army, Navy, Air force, etc.  All these activities and life choices require an increase in motivation in order to achieve.  In doing so, the clients self-esteem increases and countless goals are achieved!!  Fun and enjoyment is the key and personal achievements are numerous.  People of all ages achieve goals they once never dreamed possible!


Your Success is Our Goal

 A Body 2 Fit have the experience & diverse qualifications allowing them to structure a program which is individually suited to YOUR needs as a beginner.  They will train right alongside YOU ensuring that you get the most benefit out of each and every training session.  Swim, Cycle or Run, they will advise and nurture your training program on the road to YOU becoming an experienced athlete with the ability to train independently in a safe and appropriate manner.  

A BODY 2 Fit

Personal Training + Triathlon Club Inc.

Mermaid Waters, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia



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"The Only Limits on Human Achievement are Self Imposed".

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